About Dusti


4L3A6175-11I feel incredibly lucky to get so much enjoyment out of the work that I do and to get to be a part of this beautiful time in the lives of my clients. I believe knowledge is power and communication with providers is key, and that those are two huge components in birth preparation.

Women are incredibly intuitive and strong, and I love nothing more than be called in to a birth in the quiet of the night and to help hold that sacred space as a woman navigates her way into motherhood. I believe all woman deserve to be supported and that positive experiences ignite a catalyst of love that will be felt for months or even years after the birth itself. Five Stones-10

I have been blessed with the love and support of my husband and our 3 sweet, red headed daughters. I had 3 unmedicated births; one was in a hospital, one at a birth center and one at home. Hypnobabies provided me with the tools I needed to embrace the process and trust my body. After ‘toughing out’ my induction with my first, I used Hypnobabies for my 2nd and 3rd births. I had a pretty comfortable birth with my second and a pain free birth with my 3rd. Our minds are truly powerful, indeed.

When I am not massaging or doing birth work, I enjoy being active with my family, going on runs and experimenting with making my own household products.

To contact me directly: dusti@fivestonesbirth.com