The Hidden Meaning

The Hidden Meaning

While searching for a company name, we stumbled upon an old story of the “yatchak”–literally “he who knows”. This Andean shaman was said to oversee the spiritual dimension of the birthing process and serve as a protector for the birth. The shaman would welcome the child into the world by beating five stones on the door frame (representing the fingers of a hand) of the birthing area.

Doulas can also be looked at as ‘protectors’ of birth. We strive to hold a sacred space for our clients as they journey from couple to family together. Stones are said to be a source of healing and a way of channeling energy. Based on the Andean shaman, we sought out five stones to tuck into our doula bags as we attended each birth.

For Trust- Labradorite, the stone of transformation. This highly mystical and protective stone raises consciousness and deflects unwanted energies from the aura. This crystal helps banish fears and insecurities, strengthening trust in the universe. It removes other people’s projections. With Labradorite, analysis and rationality are balanced with inner sight. It is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.

For Love- Larimar. Inspiring Larimar is deeply nurturing, radiating love as it restores your strength, harmonizing body and soul to new vibrations. Effortlessly inducing a deeply meditative state, it guides the sould on its true pathway. Larimar releases self-sabotaging behavior. Awakening inner wisdom, it enables challenges to be met with equanimity. An antidote to emotional extremes, it encourages going with the flow, bringing calmness and equilibrium. This stone connects to the energy of the earth goddess, helping women reattune to innate femininity and restoring connection with nature.

For Protection- Fire Agate. Fire Agate has a deep connection to the earth and its energy is calming, bringing security and safety. With strong grounding powers, it supports during difficult times and has a protective function,especially against ill-wishing. This stone aids relaxation so that the body “mellows” out enhancing meditation. Fire Agate also carries the properties of Agate, a grounding stone with with a powerful multilevel cleansing effect, bringing about emotional, physical, and intellectual balance. Agate stabilizes energy and harmonizes yin and yang. Soothing and calming, this stones facilitates acceptance of your Self and speaking your truth.

For Calm- Snowflake Obsidian. Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity, providing balance for the body, mind, and spirit. It calms and soothes, making you receptive and then gently releasing emotional blockages. This stone teaches how to surrender in meditation. It also has the benefits of Obsidian. Having no crystalline structure, Obsidian has no boundaries or limitations, working extremely fast with great power. Providing deep soul healing, Obsidian goes back to past lives to heal festering emotions or trauma carried forward into the present, bringing depth and clarity to emotions. A strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity, proving a grounding cord from the base chakra to the center of the earth. It absorbs negative energies from the environment and blocks negative influences.

For Strength- Mahogany Obsidian. This stone resonates with the earth, grounds and protects, gives strength in times of need, vitalizes purpose, and stimulates multidimensional growth. Strengthening a weak aura, it restores the correct spin to the sacral and solar plexus chakras, balances yin and yang, dark and light, mind and higher consciousness. This is an excellent stone for reclaiming your power.

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